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Bucharest's Sensorial Map

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Bucharest's Sensorial Map intends to activate through artistic tools the city's memory and to make visible its invisible stories. The map will consists in a series of video  and audio site-specific installations presented either in private houses (where it will be possible) or in public spaces with a powerful history. Buildings where famous cultural personalities once lived will are indentified and used as a background for these site-specific installations, in a guided tour featuring both the past and the present of the city. The current tenants are interviewed with the help of an anthropologist and their stories are also be used to create the performative installations part of a subjective history of the city. The stories from the past and those from the present are mixed by the artists in new contents reflecting the transformation and the development of the city in time. Bucharest's memory will be reconnected to its present and its archives will be revived.

HSB # 1 took place in September and October 2016 and HSB # 2 is programmed to take place in March 2017. 

Foto: Larisa Baltă