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EQUAL- feminist theater playwriting project

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Scena.ro performing arts magazine initiated in 2016 the feminist playwriting contest EQUAL with the aim to empower women theater writers and creators in Romania.

”Starting from the fact that the number of women wrriters for the theater is very low in Romanian theater and the themes of the new plays staged here very rarely include specific feminine issues, we launched this contest meant to reduce this difference and empower the voices of women as well as touch upon subjects totally avoided in Romanian theater. Such as: discrimination, gender equality, power relationships between men and women, domestic violence and abuse agains women, the circulation of a devaluing image of women and stereotypes, women objectification and hypersexualization, and so on. We hope we will discover as many new feminine voices as possible.” argued Cristina Modreanu, editor in chief of Scena.ro magazine.

The winner of 2016 EQUAL feminist contest was the play Balance exercise by Carmen Dominte. The jury - Cristina Modreanu, Anca Ioniță and Mihaela Michailov - also nominated the plays Made of Glass by Ioana Sileanu and Gadjo Dildo by Giuvlipen Theater Company.

Balance exercise was published in Scena.ro 34 (4)/2016 issue.