• Political Theater on Romanian Stage

    ”The Gladiator Butterfly. Political, queer and feminist theater on Romanian Stage” by Cristina Modreanu was launched November 20 2016. ”The book was published by Curtea Veche Publishing House and includes drawings by famous Romanian visual artist Dan Perjovschi.




  • Book Tour - a History of Romanian Theatre from Communism to Capitalism

    The first book on the subject in decades and one to fill a considerable gap in the theatre studies literature available in English, A history of Romanian theatre from Communism to Capitalism. Children of a restless time offers a compelling source of information on modern and contemporary Romanian theatre. 

  • Hedda's Sisters - winner of Ibsen Scholarship 2014

    Ibsen Awards has awarded the Romanian project “Hedda’s Sisters. Empowering Women Theatre Artists in Romania and Eastern Europe” an International Ibsen Scholarship 2014.

  • The future is Feminine

    The first edition of Bucharest  International theater Platform (PITB) curated by Cristina Modreanu had the theme The Future is Feminine and took place in November 2014 in the new cultural center Hanul Gabroveni in the Old City.

  • Book on American Theater by Cristina Modreanu

    A new book on theater penned by Cristina Modreanu - Performative Utopias. Radical American Artists in the 21st Century - was published in May 2014 by the most prestigious Publishing House in Romania, Humanitas