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Political Theater on Romanian Stage

”The Gladiator Butterfly. Political, queer and feminist theater on Romanian Stage” by Cristina Modreanu was launched November 20 2016 at the Gaudeamus Book Fair in Bucharest and November 25 2016 at Casa Tiff, in Cluj, in the frame of the Interferences International Theater Festival. The book was published by Curtea Veche Publishing House and includes drawings by famous Romanian visual artist Dan Perjovschi.

Since the very beginning of the 21st Century, an intense revival of the work of activist creators has been seen on the international stage. In the last decade - referred by the essays in this book - this tendency registered in the Romanian theater too. An inclination towards the ethics instead of the aesthetics of the theater could be observed and this is what presently connects Romanian stage to the global one. For the first time after the high interest in Romanian theater in the 90's, political theater produces a synchronization of the local stage with the international avant-garde theater ideas.