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Ibsen Incorporated

Ibsen Incorporated, concept & directing Catinca Drăgănescu/ dramaturgy Mihaela Michailov

A co-production Comedy Theater in Bucharest & Romanian Association for promotion of Performing Arts (ARPAS)

The relevance of the feminine characters in Ibsen's plays cannot be denied, but radical feminism has already achieved its main goal of equal rights for women and men politically, economically and in terms of institutions in the contemporary Western society.

What we still need to discuss is in which form women's inclusion in these structures takes place. The patriarchal hierarchy is mostly the same. The pressure put on a woman today asks her to deliver in each and every one of the assigned social roles. She needs to prove herself as a worthy competitor in the professional area but she also needs to be a sex symbol and a wife and mother. This multiplication of the social roles is a direct result of the equal rights fight and it often confronts women with the difficult choice either to renounce or to fake one of these roles, so that they can rise to the society's ideal expectations.

Being competitive on all levels - from the aesthetic to the symbolic one - is the main reason for a move to an androgyneity of women who, from an evolutionist perspective becomes her survival tactics in a masculine referential system. This change has a profound impact in the feminine collective mentality, even if it has not become visible socially or physically. It stays undercover, hidden like a secret, like a disease or a malformation.  (Catinca Drăgănescu)

Ibsen Inc. focuses on Nora, Hedda Gabler, Wild Duck, An enemy of the people, Ghosts and Pillars of society.

Production Team:
Concept & Directing – Catinca Drăgănescu
Dramaturgy – Mihaela Michailov
Set-design – Ioana Pashca
Coreography – Mihaela Culda
Video and sound artist – Octavian Diaconescu
Cast: Ada Lupu, Ruxandra Maniu, Elena Popa , Dana Voicu, Antoaneta Zaharia