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Me, a doll house

A co-production Odeon Theater in Bucharest & Romanian Association for promotion of Performing Arts (ARPAS)


In a tunnel of dolls a woman tells her story. A soprano sings all she cannot say. A man's voice comes back from the past and brings back memories. Both women will wear multiple wigs and masks.

Carmen Lidia Vidu's performance boosts a schizoid, hypnotic atmosphere, aggressive and poetical in the same time. Video projections on human body trigger both rejuvenating sensations and feelings of getting old in a showcase of senses becoming visible.

Production team:

Screenplay and directing: Carmen Lidia Vidu
Actress: Aura Călărașu
Singer: Cătălina Antal
Set-design: Constantin Ciubotaru / Cristina Milea
Original music composed and recorded by Ovidiu Chihaia
Video: Cristina Baciu