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Ibsen's feminine characters take over the Romanian stage

Three new productions based on plays by classical Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen will be produced in 2015. All are created by women theater directors and have all women casts. the three productions are part of the project ”Hedda's Sisters. Empowering Romanian women artists in Romania and Easter Europe" curated by  theater critic Cristina Modreeanu and supported by Ibsen Scholarships. 

The new productions are Ibsen Incorporated, concept and directing by Catinca Drăgănescu, (Comedy Theater, Sala Nouă, April/May); Me. A Dollhouse, concept and directing Carmen Lidia Vidu, with Aura Călărașu and soprano Cătălina Antal (Odeon Theater, May/June); an Enemy of the People, concept and directing Ioana Păun, with Cătălina Bălălău, Emilia Dobrin, Ioana Flora, Ilinca Manolache și Mihaela Rădescu (Mic Theater, October).

All productions are co-produced by Romanian Association for Performing Arts and the theater mentioned above with support from Ibsen Scholarship.

Foto - Maria Drăghici